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Refund Policy




To discuss your treatment plans book in for a consultation but no obligation to do the treatment stating your main interest and please arrive ten minutes early so you feel relaxed.

General Medical Refunds

All treatments and procedures are carried out to the highest possible standard, however sometimes outcomes do not meet patients expectations and if you are not entirely happy with your treatment or procedure with us (it’s rare, but it does happen!), we emphatically welcome your feedback and comments.
However, as with any Non-Invasive surgical procedure, there is no guarantee to the outcome, and it is at the patient’s own risk that these procedures are undertaken. YourHealthFirst Clinic do not offer refunds on this basis.

The Complaints Procedure

Yourhealthfirst Clinic aim t exceeds our client’s expectations and provides first care service, standards of care and customer service is our main, during and after treatment. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your experience, we readily welcome your input in the interest of making improvements to our service, and will do our best to rectify them as soon as possible. Should you wish to write to us, you can contact us at:

Consultation Deposits

Bookings require a deposit of up to £50 at point of booking; this can also be paid over the phone. This deposit is entirely redeemable against the cost of treatment, should you choose to go ahead. Patients will be informed of this when booking your initial consultation.

Treatment Courses and/or Prepaid Treatment Costs

Please note that treatment courses are non-transferrable, and must be carried out within 6 months of the original purchase date. Beyond this time, please be aware that treatment credit is no longer valid for redemption. Any/all prepaid treatment must be undertaken by the original patient specified at the time of purchase, and may not be gifted or transferred between one patient and another at any given time.


The only exception to this policy is a serious or long term illness that contra-indicates the treatment, confirmed by a medical certificate.

As part of your treatment, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire in which we will ask questions about past conditions. It is your responsibility to disclose all information required, Yourhealthfirst Clinic will not be held responsible for anything not disclosed.

Changes to your medical status must be relayed to a member of the team before any further treatments are carried out.

All payments are required to be processed before the treatment. [Contact us first in case of any payment related query.]

YourhealthFirst reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to revise or otherwise amend this Policy by posting an update or other modification at the company’s website Refund Policy page. Any update or other modification shall be effective immediately upon such posting.

We will not be responsible for results if the client engages with any other third party treatment.

We will not be responsible for any subsequent errors that the patient haven’t follow after aftercare instructions given after the treatment.

After 15 days of purchase, normally no request for the refund will be accepted unless some justified reasons are provided by the customers

The problem is out of scope for the concerned plan

All the necessary requisites required to solve the issue are available and the issue was pending till the time account was active.
Cancellation Policy


please give more than 24 hours’ notice if cancellations occur. Less than 24 hrs will incur a charge of 50% of your total treatment cost and will be added to your next appointment. No shows will be charged in full. This notice will allow us to accommodate clients on the waiting list. If you do not cancel one of your course treatments in advance the same cancellation system applies.


If YOU are unavoidably late for your appointment we will work as a team to make sure that all your needs are still taken care of but please understand sometimes this may not be possible. If WE are unavoidably late for your appointment, we apologise as sometimes this is out of our control. We will make this up to you if this should ever cause you a problem & inconvenience.


If you have any known medical condition or allergy that may affect your treatment within the Clinic, please inform us prior to arranging your consultation, and indeed if you have any health changes or medications that could alter your treatment response post consultation.


If you are ever dissatisfied with your experience, let us know so we can learn from your experience and perfect it for the next time.


All the treatments include VAT at the rate of 20%. All prices are correct in our brochure at the time of going to print. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.


All major credit and debit cards are accepted.


Vouchers can be arranged and paid for and posted to you or the client. Vouchers are valid for 6 months only. When booking please state the voucher number, this will secure your booking. The same cancellation charges apply to voucher holders. A no show will prevent the voucher from being used again.

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