Wrinkles: treatment of photoaging

Promotes neocogenesis and significantly improves the damage produced by photoaging.

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Acne: Treatment of type I and type II acne

Treatment indicated for type I and type II acne. It promotes the generation of singlet oxygen species and the destruction of propionibacterium acnes.

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Dark Spots: Treat dark spots on the face and neckline

Treatment of dark spots on the face and neck. It produces a decrease in tyrosinase activity blocking the formation of melanin.

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Redness: Stimulation of elastin and collagen

It produces a powerful antimicrobial effect against Staphylococcus Aureus. Stimulates oxygenation and cellular respiration.

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Can you sunbathe after?

It is advisable not to expose yourself to the sun during the 48 hours after treatment.

How much does the photodynamic therapy treatment cost?
Do you have contraindications?
Can it be combined with other treatments?
When do you start to see the result?
Does it have side effects?
What is the treatment procedure of Fotoage and Skin OX?



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