What can IV Vitamin Therapy do for me?

Vitamins are necessary for the optimal functioning of our bodies and minds. Most vitamins are derived from the food we consume and absorbed into our bodies. However, due modern methods of farming, processing and packaging, the nutrient levels of foods have decreased significantly.

The effectiveness of oral vitamin and mineral supplements is minimal; the digestive system blocks the absorption of high levels of nutrients consumed in a supplement form. This is why IV Vitamin Therapy is so beneficial.

Vitamins and minerals administered through an IV are injected directly into the bloodstream, where they are transported directly to the vital areas they are needed. It is there that they assist cells with functioning at their optimal performance.

At YHF, our IV Vitamin Therapy sessions help hundreds of people restore their bodies, from overworked executives and athletes dedicated to performing at the highest levels of fitness, to elderly patients seeking to improve their nutritional absorption. Many patients rely on our IV Vitamin Therapy while they endure medical treatments that can often be very taxing on their bodies.

Patient care and safety is at the heart of everything we do at YHF Clinic 

The power of vitamins and minerals:

These powerhouses contribute to the normal function of our bodies, including:

  • maintaining the immune system, including during and after intense physical exercise
  • normal functioning of the nervous system
  • reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • energy production
  • maintenance of muscles, bones, teeth, skin and hair
  • protection of cells from oxidative stress

Why Take IV Vitamin Therapy Instead of Vitamin Pills?

  • With an IV, nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and the cells
  • Only IV vitamin therapy can deliver high concentrations of vitamins and minerals
  • IV therapy avoids side effects like upset stomach and diarrhoea that may occur with high-dose oral vitamins

IV Therapy delivers changes to the body at a molecular level. It restores and revitalizes on a level far more advanced than the majority of cosmetic treatments on the market.

Furthermore, there have been studies that suggest IV Nutrient Therapy could have an impact on the prevention and treatment of more serious health conditions.

Each patient is carefully assessed to ensure that IV Nutrient Therapy is the right procedure for him or her.

Advantages of our IV Therapy:


Additional IVNT



It’s safe

IV Nutrient Therapy is  treatments to be based on clinical evidence and proven to be both effective and safe.

Higher dosages can be achieved

For the treatment of certain conditions, a relatively high dose of specific vitamins and minerals are necessary to experience positive benefits. For example, high doses of Vitamin C must be utilized for the treatment of cancer. In order to obtain these high levels of Vitamin C, IV Nutrient Therapy is considered the only method.

IV Nutrient Therapy not only treats pre-existing medical conditions; it is also a powerful tool to maintain good health.

***Where applicable, certain procedures will be carried out by our affliated clinic by registered CQC doctor/nurse. ***

Is it possible to reverse ageing?

As of late, studies have uncovered that oxidative anxiety brought on by free radicals incited the most harm in body tissues, particularly the skin. As you age, oxygen signs to the cells and NAD+ levels start to drain and stop typical working. Dr. David Sinclair answered to the diary Cell that [in mice] they could utilize NAD+ to restore old cells, making them naturally energetic. This implies they inexplicably changed two-year-old mouse tissue into 6-month old tissue. In human terms, that is proportional to transforming 60 year old tissue into the tissue of a 20 year old.

NAD+ is a cell compound (nicotinamide adeine dinucleotide) found in all cells. One of its essential parts is exchange vitality from nourishments we eat into required fuel for that cell’s crucial capacities. It additionally fills in as a switch for the qualities in charge of the maturing procedure.

As NAD+ is an actually happening substance, boosting its levels in the body ought to have no antagonistic impacts. Studies are presently looking at whether these advantages can be reached out to people. Not simply lines and wrinkles Increased levels of NAD+ don’t simply battle the obvious indications of ageing. Lifted measures of this compound may likewise battle:

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