Hair Loss

A-PRP/PRP  therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a patient’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp.

Hair loss, Alopecia, hair restoration, hair regrowth , volumises hair, naturally grows new roots, increases survival and strengthening of exiting hair,increases vascularisation of the scalp, improves vitality, colour and shine of your hair, increases overall hair quality with natural process. 

PRP is the only non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatment that has proven its efficacy and safety.

 In collaboration with Regen Lab’s, Your own blood cell preparation made with Regen Lab’s original & patented technologies .One step closed system Technology


They are two major forms of Alopecia affecting the population that can be improved with PRP 

Androgenic Alopecia; is the most common cause hair loss due to hormonal imbalance, genetic, predispositions, age and metabolic syndromes. Treatments are generally challenging, and previous therapies have demonstrated how low-effectiveness and/or side effects.
Androgentic alopecia affects up to 30% of men over the age of 30 and 50% of men over the age of 50 and women as well

Androgenic Alopecia, male and female patients from initial to intermediate stages (I to V) on the Norwood scale.

Alopecia Arreata; is an auto-immune disease which causes spot baldness and is generally due to genetic predispositions, Caused by a physiological change (stress, nutrients deficiencies…)

In both types, male and female patients show excellent results in most cases

We offer 2 types of Hair Therapy depending of your level of Alopecia/Hair loss



(Stimulates the skin’s ability to repair and restore injuries within skin tissue and accelerates the healing of damaged tissues)

Repair and accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, increase collagen production, enhance skins elasticity, tone, thickness and boost it within, results are stating to show after second treatment after the first procedure, allows cell angiogenesis and hair regrowth in the scalp, increases hair density and thickness in 6 months.


PRF ( Rich Fibrin)

PRF is the next generation of PRP (Repairs and accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, enables the healing process by generating skin cells, collagen and blood vessels, the difference between PRP and PRF unlike the PRP  also contains greater concentration of growth factors. This higher concentration of growth factors will promote more growth of hair and better improvement in skin than PRP. The fibrin in PRF acts as scaffolding to keep the growth factors in the area they are injected into for longer. PRP does not have Fibrin and does not contain white blood cells which both contribute to tissue regeneration, also is the speed at which they function. While PRP releases its growth factors immediately to trigger rapid results, PRF releases its growth factors gradually, this means PRF could sustain its benefits over a longer period of time.

(PRFM) is a new breakthrough in hair regrowth.


Other Benefits of PRP and PRF:

  1. Reduce wrinkles
  2. Minimize acne scars
  3. Improve skin texture and colour
  4. Rejuvenate overall complexion
  5. Restores youthful appearance
  6. Improves under eye puffiness and dark circles


What should I do after my PRP treatment?

Is not recommendable to wash your hair, apply ice or take anti-inflammatory within 24h.

What is the possible side effects?
When I will see results?
How is it more effective in combination with hair transplantation?  
When the results are visible?
Is there a scientific evidence for such a treatment?
Why is it superior to PRP AND PRFM?
How is it better than the current line of treatments advised for hair loss? 
What is PRFM rich fibrin matrix treatment for hair loss?
How long does the treatment takes?
How does PRP treatment for hair loss work?
Its PRP safe?


Advantages of PRFM Treatment

PRFM presents more viable and intact and activated PRP in fibrin matrix which produces a more prolonged exposure to growth factors in a more natural time course. It is believed that this natural kinetics will yield more sustained hair growth.

  • Studies show that PRFM is more effective in grade 3, 4, and 5 in men and grade 2 in female.
  • All patients tolerated the procedure well. No patients noted any significant ecchymosis.
  • Hair shedding didn’t worsen in any case.
  • Significant hair regrowth and improvement in thickness seen in 3 sessions of treatment.
  • The procedure takes only 20 mins. It sustains release up to 7 days after the procedure allows cell angiogenesis and hair re growth in the scalp. It increases hair density and thickness almost 2 times in 6 months.
  • Platelet rich fibrin matrix is extensively used by surgeons worldwide to treat chronic lower extremity ulcers. It promotes wound healing via cell proliferation and new cell re growth.
  • PRFM is very effective in combination with hair transplantation. It stimulates dermal angiogenesis and wound healing which helps in better survival of the transplanted graft. Moreover, it also improves the density of the thinning hair by stimulating cell proliferation.
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Our prices

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Advance – RegenKit-BCT £599

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