Important information before using the test


  • The median incubation period is estimated to be 5.1 days.
  • Specific IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 become detectable 3-5 days after onset of symptoms.

Therefore, this COVID-19 Rapid Test should be used only 14 days or more after people develop symptoms, if tested positive antibody after self-isolation , the test can reveal who has been infected, even after they have recovered, if we know someone has had the virus, they can potentially leave their home without risk of being re-infected, which will help countries get moving again and people return to their works. 

 COVID-19 IgG/IgM (Colloidal Gold) Rapid test Kit Cassette is a qualitative membrane-based immunoassay for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in whole blood, serum or plasma specimens. This test consists of two components, an IgG component and an IgM component.

In the IgG component, anti-human IgG is coated in the IgG test line region. During testing, the specimen reacts with SARS-CoV-2 antigen-coated particles in the test cassette. The mixture then migrates laterally along the membrane chromatographically by capillary action and, if the specimen contains IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, reacts with the anti-human IgG in the IgG test line region. A coloured line will appear in the IgG test line region as a result of this. Similarly, anti-human IgM is coated in the IgM test line region and a specimen containing IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 will cause a coloured line to appear in the IgM test line region.


If the specimen does not contain SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, no coloured line will appear in either of the test line regions, indicating a negative result. To serve as a procedural control, a coloured line will always appear in the control line region, indicating that the proper volume of specimen has been added and membrane wicking has occurred.

COVID-19 Window period  

COVID-19 IgG/IgM (Colloidal Gold) Rapid test Kit (whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) is colloidal Gold immunochromatographic assay for the rapid, qualitative and differential detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to 2019 Novel Coronavirus in whole human blood, Serum or Plasma.

COVID-19 test has been tested in Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to combat infections. Right now, the demand for COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Test Kit in the world is drastically growing.

The fast cassetteprovides only positive or negative test result, therebefore, any reactive specimen with the COVID-19 IgG/IgM must be confirmed with alternative testing methods and clinical findings. COVID-19can detect the virus in just 2-15 minutes to help detect patients infected with COVID-19 quickly and accurately

 We confirm our product can meet the requirement of In vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (98/79EC) and standards complying with CE Declaration of Conformity.

IgM/IgG Test Advantages

  • Easy to use: no special facilities needed  
  • Fast: results can be read in 10-15 minutes with the naked eye
  • Precise: its sensitivity is much higher than PCR Nucleic Acid
  • Can be used to distinguish flu from COVID-19

Where can be used

The test is ideally suited for hospitals, clinics and can also be used in places, like companies, schools, airports, and train stations.

Product Comparison

Available: 20 tests per box each test one use or  1 single test/single use 

Singclean COVID-19 IgG Test kit(Colloidal Gold Method) Singclean COVID-19 IgM Test kit(Colloidal Gold Method) Singclean COVID-19 IgM-IgG Combined Test kit(Colloidal Gold Method)

The test cassette includes:

  • 1 Alcohol tablet for disinfection use
  • 1 Lancet for whole blood only
  • 1 Disposable micropipette to suck blood

Testing steps:

  • Collect sample from the finger:
  • Add whole blood/serum/plasma sample:
  • drop of whole blood/1 drop of serum or plasma
  • Add 2 drops of buffer
  • Results can be read with the naked eye after 10 minutes

(Note: Test results after 20 minutes are invalid)

Interpretation of Results:

  •  Only C band is present IgM and IgG Negative: Results are NEGATIVE 

Never/No infected(The absence of any burgundy colour in the both T bands (IgG and IgM) indicates that no anti-COVID-19 are detected in the specimen.

The results are NEGATIVE

Only IgM. Positive

In addition to the presence of C band, if only IgM is developed, the test indicates the presence of IgM anti-Covid-19 in the specimen. The results are IgM anti-COBID POSITIVE.

(An indicator of early infection; IgM antibodies normally appear 7days after infection, 3 days after showing symptoms)

 Only IgG. Positive

In addition to the presence of C band, if only IgG is developed , the test indicates the presence of anti-COVID-19 in the specimen. The result is IgG anti-COVID-19 POSITIVE.

(People are infected and were infected. IgG antibodies can persist for years to protect patients from getting infected again. There is no doubt that the IgM-IgG combined assay has better sensitivity compared with a single IgM or IgG test)

 Both IgG and IgM. Positive

In addition to the presence of C band, both IgG and IgM bands are developed, the test indicates the presence of both IgG and IgM anti-COVID-19 in the specimen. The results are  POSITIVE.


Control line fails to appear. Insufficient specimen, volume or incorrect procedural techniques as the most likely reasons for failure. Review the procedure and repeat the test with a new test cassette.

Storage and Stability

The kit can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated (2-30°C). The test device is stable through the expiration date printed on the sealed pouch. The test device must remain in the sealed pouch until use. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not use beyond the expiration date.

Test Method Limitations 

  • Negative results may be caused by low concentrations of the novel coronavirus IgG/IgM antibody in the sample and therefore cannot completely rule out the possibility of infection.
  • The results of this test are for clinical reference only and should not be the only basis for diagnosis. Results should be used in combination with clinical observations, like CT images and other testing methods, like PCR. Combining both PCR testing and antibody testing ensures patients at every stage of COVID-19 infection can be diagnosed.
  • Test results can be affected by temperature and humidity. •Do not perform the test in a room with strong air flow, ie. electric fan or strong air-conditioning.

Note: This test will help you to test yourself, if you have symptoms, to find out if is just a Flu, or COVID-19. stop spreading the to stop spreading the virus, to protect yourself, your family and all people you are in contact.

The test has been tested in Microbiology, Virology and Biotechnology Department of Genetics, Microbiology.

This link  below is an ARTICLE ABOUT OUR TEST, please read page 4.


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  2. COVID-19 Rapid Self TestBox of 20pcs (Colloidal Gold Method)suited for family, hospitals, clinics and can also be used in places, like companies, schools..)

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