Some of the mild side effects of Sclerotherapy include:

  • Itching for one or two days after the procedure
  • Raised, red areas at the injection side
  • Bruising around the injecting side, lasting several days or weeks.

They are usually inherited ,Hormonal changes for example with pregnancy and HRT may increase their likelihood, Trauma/surgery to the legs can cause an eruption of thread veins also they become more prominent and numerous with increasing age.


Spider veins are twisted and crawly, swollen, painful and at times excruciating veins that load and fill with blood. They for the most part develop in the legs and are effortlessly unmistakable through the skin. They are not life-undermining but rather can bring about uneasiness and embarrassment.

Seldom, spider veins were removed through a surgery known as “vein stripping.” This operation included making little incisions in the skin and physically hauling out the veins out of the body. Presently, innovation and new technology has permitted us to extract varicose veins using insignificant or noninvasive procedures. A noninvasive strategy and procedure implies no surgery is included; it doesn’t does not include instruments or hardware that perforate  and puncture the skin or enter the body. Insignificantly obtrusive strategies and procedure include just modest and tiny entry points into the skin.