Is not recommendable to wash your hair, apply ice or take anti-inflammatory within 24h.


Minimal swelling and redness. There is not risk of infection as the treatment is antimicrobial.


This varies from patients to patients, the first visible results are the reduction of hair loss one months after the first session, re-growing generally takes 2-3 months post treatment.
The entire PRP process including the injection takes about 90 minutes and costs around £400 or more per session depending of which type of PRP.

One treatment per month is recommended for the first four months, and then two maintenance treatments are recommended per year


A. PRFM is very effective also in combination with hair transplantation. It stimulates dermal angiogenesis and wound healing which helps in better survival of the transplanted graft. Moreover, it also improves the density of the thinning hair by stimulating cell proliferation.


A. Results are visible after 4 sessions of therapy in hair loss patients. The protocol depends on the degree of alopecia


A. PRF matrix is extensively used by surgeons worldwide to treat chronic lower extremity ulcers. It promotes wound healing via cell proliferation and new cell regrowth.


A. PRFM is superior to PRP and PRF. The procedure takes only 20 mins. PRFM requires only 4 sessions to see visible result. Its sustain release up to 7 days after the procedure allows cell angiogenesis and hair regrowth in the scalp. It increases hair density and thickness almost 2 times in 6 months.


A. PRF matrix releases growth factors into the scalp through a sustained mechanism. In vitro studies have shown that growth factors are released up to 7 days. This stimulates new hair growth. Pronounced results are seen after 3 months of the treatment.


A PRFM treatment is considered to be one of the latest inventions in hair treatment. In this treatment a small amount of blood is collected from the patient and centrifuged. This separate and concentrates the patient’s own PRP and fibrin into a matrix. The matrix is then injected into the thinning or bald scalp which stimulates cell proliferation and regrowth of hair through targeted tissue regeneration.


Treatments take about an hour; no anaesthetic is required and no downtime, so you can (if you wish) go back to your normal activities straight away