Hyaluronic acid, (HA) fillers in the lips can last between 6 to 18 months depending of product injected, some factors, like smoking, also if your body is on the thinner side, you’ll metabolize the formula faster and the injections won’t last as long


You may have swelling for 24-72 hours, especially with injections in the lips. It is recommended to avoid planning social events for 48 hours.

After the treatment(s) some common injection-related reactions might occur, such as swelling, redness, pain, itching, discoloration and tenderness at the injection site. These typically resolve spontaneously within 2 to 10 days.

Mild bruising or a slight blush might appear at the injection site immediately following treatment and may last for 2-10 days.


Don’t take aspirin, Ibuprofen, Exedrin, Omega 3 fatty acids,fish oils and NSAIDS (Motrin, Aleve or Advil etc for 1 week before and 2 days after treatment as this products can thin the blood and increase the risk of bruising.

Not take Vitamin E (multivitamin ok) or St. John’s Wort for 2-3 days before or after.

Avoid exercise except for walking for 24 hours after the procedure.

Take arnica tablets up to 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Icing and Tylenol are recommendable after the 24 hours post-procedure.


Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding


Juvederm® is a long-lasting smooth gel dermal filler and is the only hyaluronic acid volumising filler that is approved by FDA to last up to one year with one treatment.
Restylane® treatment can be seen immediately and can last for several months. This rejuvenating treatment can be repeated once or twice a year to maintain a more youthful look.
Sculptra® is a FDA-approved filler that gives subtle results over time. It gives you a gradual, more youthful appearance that can last for more than two years. After the two year period, maintenance treatments are recommended every 9-12 months.


After treatment, there may be slight swelling of the treatment area. Any swelling usually subsides quickly. Depending on the treatment area, the average procedure lasts no longer than 30 minutes and you may leave the clinic as soon as you feel prepared.  Dermal filler treatment requires no recovery time you are allowed to return to your daily activities immediately. You may experience slight swelling or bruising at the injection site within the first 48 hours. Your aesthetician will discuss your recovery and what to expect during and after treatment at your appointment.


Only qualified doctors or nurses administer the injections. These medical professionals inject small amounts of dermal filler directly into the skin with an ultra-fine needle. After cleansing the area to be treated, a numbing cream will be applied so there is minimal discomfort. The dermal filler is then administered to plump up the skin and smooth lines and wrinkles. If the lips or facial contours are treated, the filler restores lost volume, giving the lips or face a more shapely, fuller, fresher appearance.


We use a wide range of premium dermal fillers that will bring you the results you desire. After determining what areas concern you, our qualified practitioners will recommend the best fillers and treatment plan for you.
Facial fillers increase volume up your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill out deep lines by replacing the collagen lost due to natural ageing or skin damage.

Premium dermal fillers Juvederm® and Restylane® are injected in small controlled doses just under the surface of skin of the area to be treated.

This fills out sunken areas in the face and smooth lines and wrinkles to give a younger, refreshed appearance. Depending on the type of dermal filler used, results can last from 6 to 24 months.
Sculptra is injected into the deep dermis and helps to replace diminished collagen due to aging. It is a singular treatment of up to 4 injection sessions. These sessions are usually scheduled approximately 3 weeks apart. The results can last for more than two years.