Only wash with cold or tepid water for the first day, be gentle on your skin and avoid the use of strong lotions or soaps,exfoliating creams and aggressive scrubbing to the treated area. As this may causes you light discomfort. Do not apply make up the same day unless It is a mineral make-up.


A full consultation with our medical practitioner is required to ensure you are an ideal candidate for treatment. Itching, slight burning, slight edema and reddening appearance For 1-3 Days within the treated area.


Treatment time depends on many factors and size of treatment area, but can take between 30 -60 minutes. If your condition is advanced, your treatment may take longer


A reduction in fat deposits can be seen after just one treatment,however any thing between three and eight sessions(3-4 WEEKS APART) maybe required to see the optimal effect.


The Solution is injected into the fat through a thin flexible cannula. Lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) can be added to the solution before injecting to improve comfort.


Aqualyx™is a water-based solution that is injected into stubborn fat areas aroundThe body. The formula liquefies the fat cell which is then eliminated naturallywhen you urinate over a three–‐week period.