The effects of treatment last up to six months.

Repeat injections are required to maintain your appearance.

After several treatments, results begin to last longer. Therefore, repeat treatments may only be required every six months as part of a maintenance plan.


Within three to five days of treatment, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other treated areas drastically reduce and after 10 days you will see the full results, treated skin appears more smooth and youthful, whilst untreated facial muscles work as usual, allowing for normal facial expressions.


No. A Doctor or a qualified nurse has the medical knowledge to minimize the possible loss of facial expression by targeting the injection into the specific muscles responsible for the wrinkles.



Anti-Wrinkles injections are safe treatment. Side effects are rare but may occur. Effects can include bruising at the injection site or headaches. Another rare effect is a slight dropping of the eyelid, which lasts an average of one week.


No. There is no numbing sensation of the skin.


Results may vary but typically last 4-6 months.  Repeated treatments have been shown to prolong results.


Results begin to appear in approximately 3-5 days. The most dramatic effects are seen after 1-2 weeks.


During the first four hours after treatment, patients are advised not to do vigorous exercises, indulge in excessive drinking of alcohol or lean head down. Other daily activities may continue as normal.


There is slight redness around the injection site, which disappears within a few hours. Applying ice to the site assists in the reduction of redness.


Most patients only experience mild discomfort.