Side Effects of Cryolipolysis

There have been no serious side effects reported. The most reported effects are minimal redness, bruising and some numbness.  Studies have shown no changes in blood lipid levels or liver function. The redness and bruising are due to the sucking action of the cooling device. These problems normally disappear within a few days or a week. The numbness is not associated with nerve damage. With most patients, there is either no pain or minimal pain. A study of 528 patients that underwent a total of 2,729 cycles showed only three cases of mild or moderate pain, which disappeared within four days. Another study of 518 patients showed 4% of patients experienced severe pain during the first 5 minutes of treatment and the remainder of patients reporting mild to tolerable pain. A 2015 analysis of available research concluded that Criolipolysis “presents a compelling alternative to liposuction,” and “results in significant fat reduction.”