Mesotherapy for aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

mesox aminoacids

Mesox Aminoacids

Formula created by the triple helix of collagen. Nourishes the fibroblast for the synthesis of collagen and other proteins.

mesox ppc

Mesox PPC

Mesox PPC is the product specially indicated for located fat and mesolypolise.

mesox vitamin

Mesox Vitamin

150 components constitute this powerful revitalizer of the skin. Mesox Vitamin is also the basis for any other aesthetic mesotherapy solution.

mesox white

Mesox White

Active mesotherapy against stains, dark circles and uneven skin tone.

mesox slimming

Mesox Slimming

Effective mesotherapy for increased drainage, in the treatment of cellulite and localized fat.

mesox strech marks

Mesox Strech Marks

Mesotherapy for the treatment of stretch marks and scars.

mesox hair

Mesox Hair

Integrated mesotherapy for hair health, treating efficiently alopecia and female or male hair loss.

mesox firming

Mesox Firming

A complete treatment for prevent atonia skin, strenghtening firmness of skin and reversing skin sagging.

mesox antiaging

Mesox Antiaging

Mesotherapy indicated in cases of thinning of the skin, loss of tone and elasticity of the skin, as well as for the treatment of wrinkles.

mesox hyaluronidase

Mesox Hyaluronidase

Post filler Hyaluronidase in case of advert results of hyaluronic acid results.

mesox hyal

Mesox Hyal

A complete treatment in case of brightness and tone loss, wrinkles and superficial lines, dry or irritated skin and skin photoagening.


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